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*OPEN normal hours through

Wednesday, June 14th


*CLOSED for the summer


*OPEN normal hours beginning on

Monday, September 25th



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Student parents need care for their children when traditional child care centers are non-operational (evenings and weekends), so student fees is paying for the operation of OLV|Library:  a short term drop-off child care center for children of student parents, so parents have access to an important resource on campus- The Valley Library.

Any currently enrolled, student incidental fee paying student may drop off their child(ren) ages 6 months-10 years old for up to 3 hours per day.  This service is paid for with student fees, so there is no cost to use the center!

Student parents MUST remain in the library while their child is being cared for at OLV|Library.

Questions?  Contact Kristi King, Site Coordinator, 541-737-8122 or kristi.king@oregonstate.edu


  • Mon/Tues/Wed   2:30pm-9pm

  • Sat & Sun   10am-7pm



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Student parents must fill out the following paperwork, prior to their child being cared for at OLV|Library.  The paperwork may be filled out ahead of time and brought in or filled out when the parent drops off their child for the first time. 



The Valley Library RM 3564
(3rd floor - Castles Conference Room)



Quotes from parents who have brought their children to OLV|Library:



“Yes, less stressed.  Not having to stay up so late.  It also gets me into the library and forces me to do homework, so I’m not procrastinating as much.  It’s great because I don’t have to put off my child while I try to get my work done.  She just loves the attention and care you provide!”




“I had a nice study experience with no interruptions.  This meant I got some rest and performed well this term.  Also, my daughter never wanted to leave the library when our time was up.  She has a great time, and I appreciate the attention she receives.”





“My son always enjoys his time at OLV and is really engaged with the employees and other children.  I think that the hours are awesome, especially the weekend hours.”