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For Students:

***Contact the Financial Aid Office, 218 Kerr, 541-737-2241, to see how leaving/withdrawing will affect your financial aid awards.***


 There are 2 paths available to students when needing to take leave from the University:

Weeks 1-7:

Withdraw from the University: 


(Forms can be obtained by visiting the Office of the Registrar- 102 Kerr, 541-737-4331)

Weeks 7-11:

Receive Incompletes* in your classes: 


*With instructor permission, you may obtain an incomplete in their class prior to week 7.  You will need to contact your individual instructors and work out a plan and completion contract.  A sample "I completion" contract can be found at:   



Please contact our office, 541-737-4906, if you want assistance or have further questions about getting through the student leave process.



For Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student, please go to the graduate school website to find out information about taking a leave of absence.



For Staff/Faculty

If you need to take family or medical leave from the University, contact the OSU Human Resources Department.  The link below takes you to their website where you can find links to a Family and Medical Leave Handbook, FMLA Checklist and Forms that you may need to fill out before, during and after leave.


For more information contact:

Human Resources, FMLA, 541-737-5946, FMLA@oregonstate.edu